Artist's Magazine Announces 26th Annual Contest

Artist's Magazine announces the beginning of their newest art competition.
Click the icon for their contest information page.

Vanity Galleries

Renée Phillips has written an article on Art Calendar spelling out why artists should think three times before forking over the money in order to gain representation at a vanity gallery.

Empty Easel

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Read my critique on Empty Easel.

Wet Canvas

WetCanvas! is an online art community with over 150,000 members. This forum has over 50 art categories in which to post threads, a personal gallery for all members, a live chat room, a place to submit pieces for critiques, a weekly project, and many artists that give motivation to keep getting into the studio.

Alla Prima - Everything I Know About Painting - by Richar Schmid

This book is basically the only one I reference in regard to technique. With it on my shelf, my library is complete. More than a technique it is a beautiful guide to how an artist should think and the standards of quality an artist should never compromise on. Available in hard and soft covers.

Art Marketing 101 - by Constance Smith

"This book, all by itself, can set an artist in motion, pull an artist out of "block," and transform the life of a friend/artist who feels there is no hope. Funny, I bought "Art Marketing 101" to help a friend/artist, and two months later found her art in galleries, shows, and then I discovered that the artist was making lists (while inputting them into her computer) of all the possible patrons, exhibits, and other extended ways to display her beautiful art. She now runs a business FOR her art, ABOUT her art, and WITHOUT anyone else (other than galleries) needed. This book is an incredible inspiration for anyone wanting to learn marketing... about anything... simple, thorough, and experienced."

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Art Calendar

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Two Contests

worth checking out

Has partnered with

to sponsor a "No Entry Fee Cover Contest".

Winners will be given gift cards to Jerry's Artarama.

Entrants need only to join ArtScuttleButt, Art Calendar's forum,
in order to submit their art.

Constant Contact

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The Art List


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Taking the Leap - by Cay Lang

"Cay Lang is a working visual artist, whose works have been shown internationally, and an accomplished teacher. The book is based on an actual 6-month long class she designed for other students ready to leap. "

"This is an easy-to-follow guide on how to establish a serious career as a fine artist. The first edition released in 1998 was excellent and the second edition has been appropriately updated to reflect how the Internet has influenced the business of promoting an artist's work. A significant strength of this book is its description of the business practices followed in the fine art field. Understanding how galleries operate and select art is a critical aspect of establishing a career. . . .if you are interested in a career as a fine artist, this is a genuinely excellent book."

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Online Visual Artists Community Forum

The Online Visual Artist's Independent Community was established to promote, support and serve the online marketing efforts of serious and professional visual artists.

Art Biz

Art Biz Coach is the website home of art coach Alyson B. Stanfield. Workshops, books, seminars, blogs, tapes, interviews with gallery owners and marketing gurus, and personal one-on-one consulting are all found here.

Art Biz Blog is the almost daily updated blog of art coach Alyson B. Stanfield. Subjects vary from getting motivated to be in the studio more to what steps shouldn't be missed after a gallery showing. Every artist should frequent this site.